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Sensia LLC reduces risk, drives efficiency and optimises performance, so its clients and their stakeholders can achieve the full potential of their assets.


Database of 5,000 named email addresses achieving average 99% email delivery rate


Christine Roy heads up a small marketing team that supports a busy sales team and over 1,000 technical experts worldwide.

She faced two challenges.

The first was raising brand awareness and driving lead generation. Sensia is a joint venture between Rockwell Automation and Schlumberger, so its roots have incredible brand recognition. But as a relatively young company, it needs to get its name out there.

Secondly, Christine has the same challenge as busy marketers everywhere – a lack of time. Back-to-back meetings and a busy day job can leave little time to support the sales team and increase and brand recognition.

Outsourced lead generation helps her solve both these challenges.

We provide the brand awareness and lead generation campaign expertise to get Sensia’s name out there quickly and cost effectively. We also act as an extension to Christine’s team, giving her the extra time that’s required.

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Delegates registered for process safety webinar as a result of LeadGen email and social campaigns


We started by using research, email, website and social analysis and insight to create a new prospect database for Sensia. We now cleanse this database daily to ensure all contacts remain live and qualified.

Strategic, targeted email campaigns are sent to this database on a regular basis. A combination of engaging content and creative customer-centric messaging helps drive prospects to the Sensia website.

We also provide a social media service. We curate informative and thought-provoking content which we post on LinkedIn at optimum times. This promotes conversations and drives additional traffic to the website.

We closely monitor all email, website and social activity and research any visitors of interest. A list of highly engaged prospects and lead insight information is presented each day via an online dashboard. This gives Sensia sales team insightful information they can use to elevate their conversations with prospects.

We close the loop on our service by analysing all activity so we can develop and refine our strategy over time, as well as provide detailed insights to the sales team and performance reports for the marketing team.

Christine values several things about our service.

The first thing is the fact she can trust us to get on with the job with minimal input. She says: “I really value the trust of convenience of knowing Claire and the team are going to do a great job. I don’t have to worry.”

Then there’s the knowledge and expertise we bring. Christine says: “A big benefit is the Emberson LeadGen team is very familiar with our brand and our products. It’s just so easy to send a project or request knowing they’ll pick it up and run with it – even generate new ideas or find a different angle.”

Perhaps most importantly of all, the work we do gets the results Sensia needs. It’s something that’s noticed across the business. Christine comments: “The feedback I get is positive. It’s about growth, how well our campaigns are doing, how they’re executed and how LinkedIn’s growing. Everyone’s very pleased.”

Emberson LeadGen is an important part of Christine’s longer-term planning. Our support gives her vital resources and specialist lead generation expertise she can rely on. It frees her up to focus on the other areas of her role and maximises the value she can deliver.

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Increase in LinkedIn followers from 2021 to 2022

Christine Roy, Senior Marketing Communications Specialist

“I’d fight to keep Emberson LeadGen on the team.”

“Brand awareness and lead generation are such important parts of the marketing function. If you don’t have the bandwidth, you need to reach out and get help from someone who’s knowledgeable in that industry."

Christine Roy, Senior Marketing Communications Specialist

That’s the average number of times Sensia has been searched on LinkedIn in the last three months