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Newpark Fluids Systems is the world’s leading focused fluids company.


New leads converted online 2021 – 2022


When Steve Williams joined Newpark in February 2020 to head up the sales and marketing function, he faced an immediate challenge.

The bulk of the company’s sales and marketing budget was spent on advertising and shows. But with shows being cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic, he needed to pivot to digital lead generation.

He knew this had benefits – digital marketing has global coverage and the ability to reach far more potential customers than in-person shows.

At the same time, he knew lack of time and resource meant it wasn’t feasible to do the work in-house. He needed to find an outsourced solution.

The choice was easy. He’d worked with Emberson in the past and trusted our credentials. He also knew our name would be an easy sell to the rest of the management team. Our work with Cleansorb, a company Newpark had recently acquired, was attracting a lot of attention internally because it was delivering excellent results .

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Increase in new companies identified for sales pipeline


We got to work providing the resources Steve and Newpark needed – providing our LeadFlow™ service and raising Newpark’s profile in its key market sectors.

Steve values several things about the work we do.

Firstly, it’s our ability to filter and analyse raw data and translate it into actionable insights his sales team can use.

We also provide a depth of service and level of creativity that’s difficult to replicate in-house without making several high salary hires.

Newpark prides itself on its agility, focus, dedication and rapid response. Steve sees those replicated in our own approach and feels there’s a powerful cultural fit.

Overall, he knows the digital marketing the company is now doing is streets ahead of where it was two years ago when he first joined. It’s attracting attention across the business too – Steve says he gets regular positive feedback from senior management about our monthly email newsletters, for example.

Newpark has plans to scale up its marketing and Emberson will continue to play a critical role, providing extra pairs of hands but also specialist skill in providing the valuable, clean data and engaged sales leads the company needs to be as effective as it possibly can.

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Companies of interest passed to Newpark per year (approximately)

Steve Williams, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Newpark

“It’s very clear what Emberson LeadGen’s differentiators are: flexibility, value for money, trust, responsiveness, and, above all, quality.”

Their ability to analyse information and activity and turn them into actionable insights is extremely valuable to us and they’re a joy to work with.”

Steve Williams, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Newpark

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