10-fold increase in sales

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Cleansorb is a UK-based innovative reservoir chemistry company, specialising in benign, low hazard and non-corrosive in-situ clean-up and stimulation fluids.



Database creation from zero to over 13,000 relevant contacts mailed once per month


Cleansorb wanted to engage new regional strategic partners, customers and influencers by raising brand awareness and visibility of its premium cleanup and stimulation treatments worldwide.


Database maintained at greater than 90% accuracy


To help Cleansorb meet its objectives, we provide a managed lead generation service and report regularly on results.

We research and build Cleansorb’s prospect database on a daily basis and continuously test the accuracy of the data through the email campaign success rates. The delivery rates are consistently over 90%, meaning that Cleansorb’s database is over 90% accurate at any one time.

We develop regular email campaigns based on the strategic direction of the latest campaign as agreed with Cleansorb. The design of these emails reflects Cleansorb’s identity and entices the recipient to click through the email.

We also support LinkedIn activity. We ensure both personal and company profiles are branded and used to their full potential. We publish news and thought leadership articles. We also connect with key individuals, and follow and like their posts on behalf of Cleansorb.

We monitor behaviour from the email campaigns and social media activity, triangulating and cross-checking information with website traffic and the online behavioural history of the prospect. Automation is a great aid, but nothing beats the experience and insights of a data specialist. The most engaged leads are then identified and verified. This daily managed lead generation service of reporting and lead insight is delivered to the sales manager’s inbox first thing every morning, so that a fresh telephone list of prospects is actioned every day. It means that when Cleansorb’s sales team follows up, they can be confident their call will be answered by a prospect they know is interested in Cleansorb’s offer.

Their goal was to grow visibility to increase their value for purchase. The result is that they have sold the business and found the purchaser from our lead research.

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Increase in sales pipeline

Ian McKay, Co-Founder/Director, Cleansorb

“Emberson has never lost sight of the mission of increasing the visibility of our product.”

“Facilitating discussion and expanding our customer base.”

Ian McKay, Co-Founder/Director, Cleansorb

Increase in sales