£270K order received in first eight weeks of campaigning

Meet the client

Böcker is an innovative and market-leading crane company founded in 1958 and headquartered in Germany.


Target number of visitors achieved to BöckerFest and Vertikal Days stand


Böcker wanted to launch their brand and products into the UK market for the first time. They wanted to build a database and invite prospects to their launch open days, ‘BöckerFest’ and at the Vertikal Days Exhibition, and to have 350 visitors spread over the two events.


Annual sales target achieved in first six months


We agreed the business and event objectives with Böcker and immediately started researching prospects to invite to the two events. An online booking page for prospects to register attendance was created and the campaign hooks developed, designed and built. The campaigns started, with daily lead insight and reporting to the UK Sales Manager.

The timeframe was short to launch a company and entice people to come to the launch events. However, through quality lead research, creative campaigns that generated a response to act, as well as the daily lead intelligence, the sales team was armed with the most qualified and engaged leads. As a result their annual sales target was achieved within six months. In fact, the first sale was made before the events took place, which covered the annual lead generation cost six times over.

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Order in first eight weeks covered annual lead generation costs six times over

Alan Peck, Sales Manager, Böcker UK

“Just received a fantastic order as a direct result of your campaign!”

“My client that I’d not dealt with for some years advised me that he was looking for some new equipment and your email landed at just the right time, prompting him to get in touch.”

Alan Peck, Sales Manager, Böcker UK

Increase in website traffic in the first six months