Awareness to enquiry time shortened by 80%

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BiSN’s revolutionary performance barrier technologies create gas-tight seals that help protect people, profit and the planet.


Prospects researched and added to database in ten months


BiSN’s small marketing team faced the same problem as marketing teams everywhere: too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

The team needed extra help in two areas. The first was generating enquiries and leads. The second was brand building and raising reputational awareness.

Outsourcing was the solution because it wasn’t cost-effective to hire all the new team members that would be needed to produce the high-quality work required. Outsourcing would also give BiSN rapid results – it would take too long to recruit and train people in-house.

Emberson LeadGen provided what Colin Wooller, BiSN’s Global Head of Marketing, sums up as:
A holistic marketing department in a box.

Their new website launched at the end of September, with the first social post shortly after and email campaigns well underway in the new year.

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Average email delivery rate on campaigns


We provided a comprehensive outsourced lead generation and brand building solution to BiSN.

We built BiSN’s bespoke database, defining the industry and personas to undertake data research. Colin explained: “It’s really tough to map giant organisations of 50,000+ people, many of whom could be doing similar roles. Emberson has the skill, experience and tools to know exactly who to go after, and what the email address should be.”

We developed, wrote and deployed targeted email campaigns. We also kept the database up-to-date, which resulted in an email average delivery rate of 95.5%. We handled social media, focusing on driving prospects to the website. We also monitored website interaction and equipped the BiSN team with lead insights to help them have fruitful conversations with leads. We designed and built a bespoke, live dashboard to provide intel on website performance for user experience development.

Our work helped BiSN overcome the challenges it was facing. Colin comments: “Emberson LeadGen have been in the industry a while so they saved us time because they knew exactly what to do. They gave us instant expertise and were able to go out and get it done.”

But Colin believes our service went beyond what could be expected of a managed lead generation service. He says: “You’re not buying a commodity with Emberson LeadGen. One of the biggest strengths was how approachable they were. It felt very collaborative and very, very friendly.”

Most important of all, our work has worked.

In terms of brand awareness, our activity has been transformational. Colin comments: “We’re far more active than we’ve ever been on social media and in email marketing. It’s been very, very positive.”

Colin was also impressed by the effectiveness of our lead generation activity. He says: “This is the shortest awareness to enquiry window I’ve ever seen. A number of people have come to us and said: ‘I’ve seen your post on LinkedIn and read your case study. I wasn’t aware of you before, but I am now. You’re exactly what we need – come and see us.’ The long sales cycle in this industry means the deal might take two years to complete, but there’s no doubt the very short purchase to consideration cycle is due in large part to the work we’ve done together.”

Colin credits Emberson LeadGen’s role in filling the gap when his team needed it most. He concludes: “It’s been a very positive experience. It gave us everything we needed and accelerated our progress.”

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Engagement rate on LinkedIn

(approx. 2% is considered good)

Colin Wooller, Global Head of Marketing, BiSN

“The impression of us out there in the industry is that we’re everywhere.”

“The reputational value of the work Emberson LeadGen has done has been immeasurable.”

Colin Wooller, Global Head of Marketing, BiSN

Increase in website traffic in the last six months